Precision Laboratories - Signum Bio-Inducer


Signum® is an innovative single-component bio-inducer for soybeans that sets a new standard for efficacy and convenience in seed inoculation.

Signum maximizes the natural capability of soybeans to generate nitrogen so growers can better manage crop inputs and enhance yield. Three novel technologies stimulate bacteria for aggressive infection, strengthen the cell wall for greater desiccation resistance and enable single-component formulation.

Signum is a registered trademark of Rizobacter S.A.

Features & Benefits

  • One component to eliminate product mixing
  • Low use rate for ease of seed handling
  • Three unique technologies for enhanced crop yield
  • Facilitates early communication between the root and the rhizobia bacteria
  • Acts early in the plant development process following seed germination
  • Activates microbial and plant physiology to maximize capacity to fix nitrogen
  • Stimulates mechanisms for abiotic stress resistance