Precision Laboratories Announces Extensive Enhancements to Mix Tank App

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (August 7, 2017) – Precision Laboratories has released an extensive upgrade to its Mix Tank app, available for download on iTunes and Google Play. The latest refresh is designed to better assist agricultural growers and professional applicators with resources and record keeping that will help prevent mix tank problems and make crop applications more efficient. MIxTank

“We’ve incorporated user feedback into these updates to enhance the user experience and value of our Mix Tank app,” said Jim Reiss, senior vice president of product development at Precision Laboratories. “The result is a tool that provides additional features to help the applicator track important information while making the most appropriate and effective tank mixing decisions.”

Mix Tank’s latest features allow users to backup and restore data as well as share information across devices. In addition, users can access Mix Tank’s spray log to record nozzle types. Weather integration is now free with the option to have weather data displayed at the beginning of a spray log. The app’s air print option allows spray logs and mix sheets to be printed from any device. It also now includes data sheets and additional information on Precision’s specialty chemistry products.

“We developed Mix Tank as a tool to save applicators time, money and resources,” said Reiss. “Mix Tank has proven to be a great tool for our industry and we’re excited to offer these additional enhancements to make tank mixing more safe and efficient.”

Mix Tank was first developed for Andriod and iPhone smartphones. It won AgProfessional magazine's Readers' Choice 2011 Top Product of the Year award and various others.

For more information on Precision Laboratories Mix Tank app, log on to http://www.precisionlab.com/agriculture/products/mix-tank-app-agriculture-mixing-sequence-iphone-android.

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