Spray Tank Adjuvants (Golf Course)

Activator Adjuvant with Turf Pigment


Drift Control Agent and Deposition Aid

Nonionic Spreader-Sticker

Spreader-Sticker & Buffer

Activator Adjuvant

Compatibility Agent & Buffer

Surfactant Plus AMS Adjuvant

Drift Retardant

Crop Oil Replacement

pH Acidifier Surfactant

Nonionic Surfactant, Drift Reduction Agent

Premium Nonionic Surfactant

Premium Methylated Canola Oil

Nonionic Siloxane Surfactant

Activator Adjuvant

Water Conditioner & Nonionic Surfactant

Organosilicone Wetting Agent

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Precision Laboratories is a leading provider of specialized chemistries applied to plants, seeds, soil and water to maximize resource and biological performance potential while stewarding the environment.

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