Thursday, March 19, 2009

IMPORT Makes Glyphosate and Micronutrients Work Better Together

Waukegan, Illinois (March 19, 2009) – Precision Laboratories’ IMPORT™ is the only adjuvant technology that allows glyphosate and micronutrients to work together.

IMPORT allows the successful tank mixing of low-cost micronutrients with glyphosate, making the two work better together to offset micronutrient tie-up and deliver better weed control and micronutrient uptake.

John Harpster, owner of a 1,700-acre corn and soybean farm in St. Anne, IL, uses IMPORT to address manganese deficiencies that can reduce his yields.

“We grow in sandy soil, so manganese deficiency is a huge concern,” Harpster said. “But our glyphosate applications were tying up the manganese we used, and vice-versa.”

Harpster’s local supplier, Chebanse Ag in Chebanse, IL, suggested IMPORT to help make both his glyphosate and manganese inputs work better.

“With IMPORT, you could see the color change in the plants right away,” said Harpster. “Plus, the glyphosate worked better, too, killing weeds in an earlier timeframe. I’ll definitely continue to use IMPORT.”

“IMPORT is one of many products from Precision Laboratories that is designed to increase customer value with a better return on investment and reducing overall risk,” says Richard Wohlner, president of Precision Laboratories. “This is more validation that our innovative products continue to deliver results.”

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