Friday, April 04, 2008

Simplyx™ Adjuvant Introduced To Maximize Glyphosate Tank Mix Partner Efficacy

Waukegan, Illinois (April 4, 2008) – Precision Laboratories, Inc., has introduced SIMPLYX™, a unique nonionic activator adjuvant specifically formulated to enhance the performance of glyphosate and its tank mix partners.

“SIMPLYX is a unique adjuvant technology that was specifically developed to help ag professionals manage glyphosate weed resistance”, says James Reiss, Vice President of Agricultural Business at Precision Laboratories. “With the growing threat of glyphosate-resistant weeds and volunteer RoundupReady® corn in RoundupReady soybeans, many applicators will be adding an additional herbicide tank mix partner with their glyphosate applications. Unfortunately, ordinary water conditioning agents, and other adjuvants, normally used with glyphosate are not designed to maximize the performance of the oil-soluble tank mix partner herbicides that will be most commonly used with glyphosate. Our development efforts have shown that Simplyx may be the only, single, adjuvant technology capable of maximizing the performance of both glyphosate and its oil-soluble tank mix partners such as Select®, FirstRate® , and other similar chemistries.

More information regarding Simplyx is available upon request by contacting Precision Laboratories’ Customer Service Team at 800-323-6280 or by visiting the company’s website at

For more information about Simplyx visit, or contact James Reiss, 847-596-3001 x233.

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