Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ProSurge™ Extends Positive Performance Record to 11 Consecutive Years

Waukegan, Illinois (December 18, 2012) – Precision Laboratories announced that ProSurge™ has extended its performance record to 11 consecutive years of positive results.

A catalytic seed treatment for soybeans used in combination with seed-applied fungicides, insecticides and inoculants, ProSurge is a growth promoter for soybeans that provides faster canopy closure and improves plant stand, vigor and yield.  ProSurge performance data includes:


  • 85.7% of plots had a positive response (12 of 14 total plots)
  • 2.97% overall yield improvement or 1.21 bushels per acre; 3.5% yield improvement in the 12 positive responses or 1.55 bushels per acre

11-Year Summary

  • 66.2% of plots had a positive response
  • 2.71% overall yield improvement or 1.5 bushels per acre; 7.1% overall yield improvement in the positive responses or 3.7 bushels per acre


“The stressful and dry growing conditions of 2012 created an environment that allowed ProSurge treated soybeans to thrive,” said Terry Culp, vice president of Seed and Nutrient Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “Achieving consistent performance for 11 straight years, along with the environmental challenges, validates ProSurge as a tool to aid growers in managing risk.”

Soybeans are subject to a variety of stresses, including excessive heat, drought conditions and nutrient deficiencies. These stresses can slow or stop the growth process as the plants employ their natural health defenses. ProSurge helps soybeans manage these stresses by maintaining essential cellular functions and preventing cell activity shutdown. 

For more information on ProSurge and other Precision Laboratories products, log on to www.precisionlab.com.

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Precision Laboratories is a leading provider of specialized chemistries applied to plants, seeds, soil and water to maximize resource and biological performance potential while stewarding the environment. For more information on the company’s products and its value-added dealers, call 800-323-6280 or visit www.precisionlab.com.

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