Monday, July 01, 2013

Weather Conditions, Delayed Planting Create Foliar Nutrition Opportunities

In areas where planting has been delayed, the unseasonably cool, wet spring has caused challenges for growers, creating opportunities for foliar nutrition applications.

Mechanical Challenges:

  • Soil too wet to even enter fields
  • Wet soils susceptible to compaction
  • Compacted soils that inhibit healthy root growth

Nutritional Challenges:

  • Loss of pre-plant nitrogen to leaching and run-off
  • Leaching of other soil-mobile nutrients
  • Unhealthy root systems unable to adequately nourish growing shoots

Environmental Challenges:

  • Fourth year following an extreme La Niña event (2010, second strongest ever) has historically been a low-yield season in the Midwest
  • Hot, dry late season compounds the adverse effects of a cold, wet early season

Wuxal Opportunities:

  • Foliar application bypasses the uptake by the roots
  • Direct, on-site delivery of mineral nutrient to expanding foliage and meristems
  • Additional N and K in Wuxal formulations (S, Ca and Mg in several as well) to help offset nutrients leached from the soil
  • Zinc, manganese and potassium suspensions important for kernel, node and pod/bean set to help offset unavailability from the soil (from poor root growth)
  • Long-term availability on the leaf surface due to suspension adjuvant packages

Wuxal Foliar Nutrition combines stable suspension technology in a high-load nutrient package. Together with its adjuvant package, Wuxal Foliar Nutrition is the ultimate tool for managing plant stress, delivering targeted nutrients during peak demand and efficiently addressing deficiencies in the plant at the right time. 

For more information on Wuxal Foliar Nutrition products, log on to  Watch the video below to learn about the role of nutrition in agriculture and how an effective foliar nutrient program can benefit many different aspects of a crop's life cycle using Wuxal. 

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