Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trident™ Virtual Plot Tour Shows Late Season Soybean Development

Waukegan, Illinois (October 17, 2013) – Episode Two of the TridentTM Bio-Inducer Virtual Plot Tour is now available.  Performance-minded soybean growers are again invited to join Dr. Rob Osburn, Precision Laboratories’ technical manager for Seed Enhancement Products, near the Sparta, Ill., test plot to see how nitrogen optimization promotes season-long performance and a yield advantage of six percent or more.

Episode One of the virtual plot tour, released in early September, focused on the improved root system and nodulation developed by soybeans treated with Trident. In Episode Two, Osburn updates growers on the mid to late season progress of three soybean trials treated with fungicide and insecticide plus a competitive product, no inoculant at all and Trident Bio-Inducer.

“Just looking at the Trident plants versus the control and traditional inoculant, you see clear potential for greater yield,” said Osburn. “Where the other plants are still flowering, the Trident soybeans are standing taller, greener and growing pods all the way to the top. The Trident plants look about a week more developed than the untreated, and that will make a difference at harvest time.”

Trident Soybean Bio-Inducer provides proprietary bacteria that are pre-stressed, allowing for 90-day survival on the seed, improved tolerance of seed-applied pesticides and performance across a broad range of environments. The bio-inducer within Trident causes nitrogen-fixing bacteria to generate nodule-producing chemicals for rapid root nodulation. The increased nodulation provides enhanced nitrogen fixation, unlocking the full genetic potential of the soybean seed and promoting enhanced plant development. This results in overall performance for a yield boost of more than six percent, while leaving more nitrogen in the field for next season.

Each video in the Trident Virtual Plot Tour series is available on the Precision Laboratories Agriculture YouTube channel and at Trident Bio Inducer Virtual Plot Tour series will close with a harvest result wrap-up to present yield comparisons of soybeans with and without the application of Trident.  

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