Thursday, October 16, 2014

CPDA Certification of Precision Laboratories’ Products


Waukegan, Ill. (October 16,2014) - In 2001, the Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) launched a voluntary Adjuvant Certification Program to encourage good product stewardship in the manufacture and labeling of agricultural adjuvants.

Under the CPDA Certification Program, adjuvant manufacturers provide specific formulation information to a panel of industry experts for review. Product label claims are scrutinized for accuracy and conformance with accepted industry definitions and standards before certification is granted.  For nonionic surfactants, the top three formulation components must be listed on the label and the actual surfactant content must be separately stated, giving applicators a clearer picture of the adjuvant’s formulation and performance potential.

“Across the company, we are committed to product stewardship and industry established guidelines that build confidence with end-users,” said Rick Wohlner, president of Precision. “The CPDA certification process creates a consistent set of standards that are easy for the market to understand.”

Precision Laboratories demands its products meet exceptional quality and performance standards. That is why it supports the CDPA Certification Program and offers the following CPDA-certified adjuvants:

·         Protyx™

·         Exchange™

·         Persist Ultra™

·         Border™ Xtra 8L

·         Border™ Max

·         Border™ AQ

·         MSO Ultra™

·         Kixyt™

·         Volare DC™

·         Vertex™

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Precision Laboratories is a leading provider of specialized chemistries applied to plants, seeds, soil and water to maximize resources and biological performance potential while stewarding the environment. For more information on the company's products and its value-added dealers, call 800-323-6280 or visit


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