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Precision Laboratories Introduces Tacheon™ Product Line

WAUKEGAN, ILL. (March 18, 2019) – Specialty crop growers now have more options to improve the performance of their spray applications. Precision Laboratories introduces the Tacheon™ line, a group of silicone-based adjuvants designed to reduce the surface tension of spray solutions. This results in improved wetting, sticking and/or spreading, depending on the specific formulation. The Tacheon products are all NPE/APE free for crop safety and have a variety of features so that recommendations can be tailored to meet specific grower needs.

Tacheon Complete is a silicone-based spreader-sticker that provides more complete and uniform coverage of fruit and foliage in order to better protect your crop from pest damage. This means more product is retained and rainfast properties are improved compared to traditional spreader-stickers.

Tacheon Duo is a nonionic surfactant and organosilicone blend that is ideal when the benefits of both a nonionic surfactant a silicone spreader are required. It combines the wetting attributes of the nonionic surfactant with the exceptional surface tension reduction of the silicone.

Tacheon Spread is a 100% active organosilicone surfactant, spreader and penetrant. This high load formulation delivers rapid wetting and spreading with a lower use rate, meaning each ounce of product goes further in optimizing applications.

“We are very excited to add these new silicone-based products to our offering in order to maximize efficacy in the field and improve our customers’ operations,” says Matt Faletti, product manager at Precision.

The Tacheon line of silicone surfactants provides a variety of quality options for growers. All three Tacheon products are registered for use in all 50 states. Tacheon Duo and Tacheon Spread are pending OMRI approval.

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Tacheon is a trademark of Precision Laboratories, LLC.

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