Thursday, April 01, 2010

Persist Ultra Maximizes Kixor Technology Performance

Unique Methylated Canola Oil and Surfactant Blend Maximizes Herbicide Performance

Waukegan, Illinois (April 1, 2010) – Precision Laboratories recently announced the release of Persist® Ultra to their lineup of methylated seed oils (MSO). Combining a unique blend of methylated canola oil and surfactants, Persist Ultra optimizes pesticide performance and mixing characteristics with a wider range of tank mix partners.

Persist Ultra is a manufacturer-approved adjuvant that is proven to outperform ordinary methylated seed oils in enhancing the biological performance of Kixor® herbicide technology across a wide range of weeds. With high levels of unsaturated C18 fatty acids, Persist Ultra offers the best performance in enhancing weed control on a broad range of species.

“Persist Ultra was developed to help growers protect their yield potential, and deliver consistent performance in stressful growing conditions and on tough weed species,” said James Reiss, vice president of agriculture chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “We’ve seen, in both formal research studies and on- farm use, that Persist Ultra enhances the performance of the newest herbicide technologies, delivering consistent weed control for optimum yields.”

In a 2009 research study using Kixor technology, BASF compared Persist Ultra to ordinary MSOs and tested them against four weed species – giant ragweed, kochia, ivyleaf morningglory and velvetleaf. Persist Ultra outperformed the ordinary MSOs with an average control rate of 90 percent.

For additional information regarding Persist Ultra and Border Xtra 8L, or to find a local retailer, contact James Reiss at 800-323-6280 or visit


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