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Waukegan, Illinois (April 4, 2008) – Precision Laboratories, Inc., has introduced SIMPLYX™, a unique nonionic activator adjuvant specifically formulated to enhance the performance of glyphosate and its tank mix partners.

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Waukegan, Illinois (May 5, 2008) – Precision Laboratories has introduced Protyx Aerial™, a new product that expands the Protyx™ Fungicide Activator brand to include treatments applied by aerial application equipment.

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Waukegan, Illinois (June 27, 2008) – Precision Laboratories announced a new technology to enhance and improve weed control and micronutrient uptake with glyphosate. Called IMPORT™, it is the only patented adjuvant technology that successfully allows glyphosate to be applied at the same time as efficient, low-cost, micronutrients like manganese and zinc sulfate.

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Waukegan, Illinois (December 2, 2008) – Precision Laboratories has developed a new aerial adjuvant technology that improves performance of fungicides and their tank mixes and solves many of the problems associated with using crop oil.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Launcher PRO Outperforms Competition

Waukegan, Illinois (March 5, 2009) – Launcher PRO™, from Precision Laboratories, outperformed the competition in taproot nodulation and yield in a 2008 research program at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Mississippi. A recent article in Corn & Soybean Digest expands on the research and findings.

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Waukegan, Illinois (March 10, 2009) – Precision Laboratories’ ProSurge™ is a catalytic soybean seed treatment that has consistently shown a yield increase in controlled trials. Seven years of trial data demonstrated a positive response in over 68% of the trials. Of the positive trials, there was a 7% yield increase over the control, averaging 3.55 bushels per acre.

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Waukegan, Illinois (March 19, 2009) – Precision Laboratories’ IMPORT™ is the only adjuvant technology that allows glyphosate and micronutrients to work together.

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Waukegan, Illinois (April 30, 2009) – Double-crop soybeans are subject to a variety of stresses, including excessive heat and drought conditions and nutrient deficiencies. These stresses can slow or stop the growth process as the plants employ their natural health defenses, working harder just to survive.

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Waukegan, Illinois (June 2, 2009) – Growers and retailers have faced a tough economic climate and a volatile commodity market over the past year. As uncertainty, nervousness and caution loom over the industry, Precision Laboratories has a clear objective this growing season: create more value, lower risk and increase return on investment for their customers.

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Waukegan, Illinois (July 21, 2009) – Precision Laboratories, Inc. announces they have entered into a license agreement with Aglukon Spezialduenger of Duesseldorf, Germany, a leader in the specialty fertilizer market. Under the terms of the agreement, Precision Laboratories has acquired rights to certain processes, formulations and products from Aglukon.

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