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WAUKEGAN, Illinois (September 3, 2013) – Growers and consultants now have the opportunity to watch online as Trident™ Soybean Bio-Inducer, from Precision Laboratories, helps an Illinois soybean crop maximize its growth potential and nitrogen nutrition.

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WAUKEGAN, Ill. (March 5, 2013) - Precision Laboratories has released an animated video demonstrating the role Trident Soybean Bio-Inducer plays in improving plant health and increasing yield. The video can be viewed on the Precision Laboratories Agriculture YouTube page or by clicking on this link: http://youtu.be/IVdctosd6KY.

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Waukegan, Illinois (December 18, 2012) – Precision Laboratories announced that ProSurge™ has extended its performance record to 11 consecutive years of positive results.

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Waukegan, Illinois (March 10, 2009) – Precision Laboratories’ ProSurge™ is a catalytic soybean seed treatment that has consistently shown a yield increase in controlled trials. Seven years of trial data demonstrated a positive response in over 68% of the trials. Of the positive trials, there was a 7% yield increase over the control, averaging 3.55 bushels per acre.

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Waukegan, Illinois (April 30, 2009) – Double-crop soybeans are subject to a variety of stresses, including excessive heat and drought conditions and nutrient deficiencies. These stresses can slow or stop the growth process as the plants employ their natural health defenses, working harder just to survive.

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Waukegan, Illinois (July 21, 2009) – Precision Laboratories, Inc. announces they have entered into a license agreement with Aglukon Spezialduenger of Duesseldorf, Germany, a leader in the specialty fertilizer market. Under the terms of the agreement, Precision Laboratories has acquired rights to certain processes, formulations and products from Aglukon.

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Editor’s Note: Due to a recent product name change, the PhosForce new product release is a modified version of a similar release issued using the Enrich product name, distributed on August 3, 2009.

To Increase Availability for Cereal Crops

Waukegan, Illinois (August 26, 2009) – Precision Laboratories announced a new product to coat seed, PhosForce, to help growers produce a better cereal crop by utilizing unused phosphorous in the soil.

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