Nutrient Management Aid

SeedZone IF is a sustainable-sourced nutrient management tool that improves nitrogen and potassium availability to grow healthier plants with more roots, stronger stalks, and greater yield potential.

SeedZone IF in the Soil Profile

SeedZone IF infiltrates the soil profile and attaches to the soil particles.

The hydrophilic nature of SeedZone IF attaches to water and increases the water holding capacity in the application zone.

SeedZone IF in Nutrient Cycles

  • Nutrients

    As SeedZone IF increases water-holding capacity in the soil, it also increases the availability of nutrients in the soil. These nutrients are necessary to grow healthier plants with greater yield potential. Learn how SeedZone IF fits into the nitrogen and potassium cycles.

  • Nitrogen Cycle

    SeedZone IF's ability to hold 20% more water in the furrow, means less nitrate leaching and more available nitrogen for the plant.

    Also, SeedZone IF helps decrease the competition for uptake between ammonium and potassium on the roots.

  • Potassium Cycle

    Like nitrates, potassium can leach out with the water, but adding SeedZone IF decreases that potential.

    SeedZone IF keeps exchangeable potassium available and also helps pull potassium that is fixed between clay layers into the soil K solution.

Season-Long Performance

Start Good, Stay Good

We saw consistent results from SeedZone IF throughout the 2022 growing season in 38 trial locations. Starting at emergence and continuing all the way through harvest, we saw increased vegetative growth both above and below ground.

V2/V3: Treated plot was a full stage ahead of untreated with longer roots and more leaves

V3/V4: Treated plot was a full stage ahead of untreated

V3/V4: Another treated plot a full stage ahead of the untreated plot

V6: Treated plants show larger roots and leaves

Pre-Tassel: Treated plants have roots with more surface area and thicker stalks

Pre-tassel: Another treated plot with more roots for improved nutrient uptake

Pre-tassel: Treated plants still have significantly more vegetative growth

Very significant difference in stalk girth

R4: Treated plants have more roots, increased stalk girth, and larger ears

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