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Precision Laboratories - Wuxal Super Liquid Foliar Fertilizer

Liquid Foliar Fertilizer

Wuxal Super is a liquid fertilizer with a full complement of macro and micronutrients. It is used as a general supplemental foliar feed in horticulture and agriculture for the prevention or elimination of nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of crops.

Features & Benefits

  • Low viscosity liquid – easy to handle and mix
  • Super chelated micronutrients – nutrients 100% available for plant use
  • High quality raw materials – safe and effective plant nutrition

Use Rates

Crop Timing / Purpose Use Rate fl. oz./acre

Alone or in conjunction with pesticide treatments, as soil and foliar nutrition

• Watering, sprinkling or spraying

• Atomizing


0.1–0.2% by vol.

0.4% by vol.

Cucumbers, Peppers, Potatoes, Tomatoes

6 applications at approximately 2 week intervals throughout:
• 1–2 before flowering
• 3–6 after flowering

64 fl. oz./acre
Beans, Peas

4 applications:
• 1 before flowering
• 2–4 after flowering at 14 day intervals

64 fl. oz./acre
Brassicas, Lettuce

4 applications:
• 1 after planting out
• 2–4 at 10-day intervals

0.1-0.2% by vol.

6 applications at 14 day intervals

64 fl. oz./acre

In conjunction with pesticide treatments

0.5–1 gal/acre

5 applications:
• 1–2 with insecticide sprays
• 3–5 during boll formation at 14-day intervals

64 fl. oz./acre

4 applications:
• 1 when the plants are 5–10″ high
• 2–4 at 14-day intervals thereafter

0.5–1 gal./acre

3 applications:
• 1 after first flowering
• Every 14 days thereafter

64 fl. oz./acre

Weekly applications after planting

0.1–0.2% by vol.

Multiple applications:
• 1 at the 4–5 leaf stage
• Additional applications at 3-week intervals

64 fl. oz./acre

Use Rates

See chart below Features & Benefits.


2 x 2.5 gallons per case
[Product No. 230-A25]

275 MiniBulk Container (IBC)
[Product No. 230-A275]

4,000 gallon bulk shipment
[Product No. 230-ATK]

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