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WAUKEGAN, ILL (August 22, 2016) - Product efficacy is a top priority at Precision Laboratories and we dedicate our resources to research that highlights the performance of new and existing products.  The latest research data validates the efficacy of Border T&O, Vivax and Alypso.

Border T&O

Research conducted at North Carolina State University measured the effectiveness of a glyphosate application to control annual bluegrass and henbit in a dormant stand of bermudagrass. Glyphosate was applied at 18 oz. per acre by itself and also in a tank mix containing a 0.25% v/v rate of BORDER T&O. Results indicate that the addition of BORDER T&O decreased weed population by an additional 11%, while providing faster and more complete control.

Border T O control 2

Improved control of annual bluegrass was recorded during a 52-day period when tank mixing BORDER T&O with glyphosate. This indicates increased performance by 23% due to the intended product rate reaching the target.





Enhancing water availability by using Alypso shows positive results in trials conducted on Bermudagrass plots at New Mexico State University.  Data shows reduced turf stress, greater volumetric water content and increased green turf coverage.

Alypso Chart VWCVolumetric water content measures water available to the plant. Applications of Alypso increased volumetric water content in soil at a depth of 0-10cm throughout the entire trial period.





Moving water throughout the turfgrass root zone and maintaining soil moisture improves plant health and playing conditions, while reducing runoff and localized dry spot. In recent trials at Purdue University, Vivax increased volumetric water content, reduced localized dry spot and enhanced overall plant health.

Graph Vivax Perdue 2

Localized dry spot causes decreased turf cover, aesthetics and playability. Vivax treatments on bentgrass research plots at Purdue University showed consistent control of localized dry spot during conditions of drought stress.



To learn more about turfgrass health and maintenance solutions from Precision Laboratories, visit www.PrecisionLab.com.

Border imageWAUKEGAN, ILL. (April 13, 2015) - Maintaining great outdoor playing surfaces requires spraying plant protectants, growth regulators, and foliar nutrients. Off-target movement of the spray droplets can influence how effective those expensive applications are, especially if they end up blowing into an applicator's face or neighboring yards.


Low Temp HardinessWaukegan, Ill. (November 19, 2014) – Golf course superintendents spend thousands of dollars and devote countless hours to create great outdoor playing surfaces. Cold winters can negate their efforts and threaten the health of their turf.  Precision Laboratories developed a Winter Preparation guide to assist those who manage turf in protecting their hard earned investment.


Waukegan, Ill. (August 28, 2014) - Precision Laboratories announces the completion of a new Adjuvant Use Guide for Turf – Digital Interactive Edition. Along with updates to the print version, the interactive edition allows customers to view more product information, watch videos and give product reviews with a simple click. 


Waukegan, Ill. (July 29, 2014)- Recognized as a Distinguished Emerald Club of the World, Orchid Island's award winning Arnold Palmer championship golf course has an exceptional layout all set to the beautiful backdrop of historic oak trees, superior grasses and lush landscaping. Superintendent Matthew Boyd describes how he manages the challenges of keeping a pristine golf course for its 350 members that play about 20,000 rounds a year.

Waukegan, Ill.  (April 29, 2014)- To help professional turf managers tackle the issues associated with cleaning out today's complex spray systems, Precision Laboratories, a leading provider of specialized chemistries for turf and ornamental plants, seeds, soil and water, introduces Eraser™ Spray System Cleaner.

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