Thursday, October 27, 2016

Precision Laboratories Launches Educational Video on How Water Management Surfactants Work

WAUKEGAN,Ill. (October 27, 2016) – With more than 79 billion gallons of water used in the United States every day for agricultural irrigation, it’s critical to implement best practices that improve yields while conserving water and energy. Precision Laboratories wants to educate growers and industry professionals on how new surfactants can increase yield and maximize nutrient, water and energy inputs.Facebook WM Particlesize

“We believe water management can change the world, and are committed to doing our part through industry education and providing innovative chemistries,” said Don Spier, vice president at Precision Laboratories. “We produced a video that serves as an educational resource to examine and implement best practices in water management.”

Precision Laboratories’ water management video illustrates the differences between surfactants and how they work in different soil types. Understanding soil type is necessary to accurately determine if infiltration surfactants, hydration surfactants or combinations of both are the right choice for the grower.

Infiltration surfactants, also known as water movers, treat water and reduce surface tension and run-off, allowing water to move uniformly into and throughout the plant root zone. Hydration surfactants, also known as water holders, attach to organic matter or waxy coatings on soil particles and grab water and make it available to plants over time.

“There is an increase in competition for every gallon of water in today’s world,” said Spier. “If growers understand how irrigation chemistries work to enhance the soil/water interaction, they can make informed decisions about irrigation practices and how to best manage water, nutrients, budgets and crops.”

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