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Signum® sets new standard for efficacy and convenience in seed inoculation

WAUKEGAN, ILL. (August 20, 2015) – Maximizing the biological capabilities of soybeans to fix nitrogen and enhance yield is a critical step to nourish the earth's growing population. This prompted a decade of innovative collaboration between Precision Laboratories and Rizobacter S.A. to create new technologies that enhance efficiency and effectiveness of natural processes. Signum®, the world's first premium, single-component soybean seed inoculant is their latest, most advanced development.

"Signum sets a new standard for premium, retailer-applied soybean inoculants because its unique formulation has only one component," said Terry Culp, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Precision. "This means easier handing and fewer issues with product mixing for the applicator, while increasing yield for the grower."


Tolero makes every drop count and enhances

growing environment for targeted crops

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (June 19, 2015) – Water insecurity, regulations and increased demand, in combination with an increasing population, makes it more critical than ever for growers to feed the world with less water and energy. To address these concerns, Precision Laboratories introduces TOLEROTM, an irrigation injection surfactant proven to increase crop yields while reducing irrigation water and the energy needed to move it.


Waukegan, Ill. (October 16,2014) - In 2001, the Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) launched a voluntary Adjuvant Certification Program to encourage good product stewardship in the manufacture and labeling of agricultural adjuvants.

 WAUKEGAN, Ill. (May 30, 2014) Getting water to move into and spread throughout heavy soils can be a challenge for producers of vegetables, fruits and row crops. To help overcome this, Precision Laboratories has introduced Quickin™ to their proven line of irrigation/water management products. 

Enhanced Nitrogen Efficiency Means More Bushels this Season and Next

             Waukegan, Illinois (May 9, 2014) – With thousands of corn-on-corn acres expected to rotate to soybeans in 2014, and with spring weather delaying planting, growers must be more proactive than ever to maximize yield and income potential. Trident™ Bio-Inducer from Precision Laboratories helps soybeans start strong and perform consistently across all environments and soil types, including acres stressed by heat, moisture or irregular rotation.

New Seed Treatment from Precision Laboratories Promotes Better Stands & Stronger Roots


Waukegan, Illinois (May 6, 2014) – Seedling health, emergence, root development - some of the most critical building blocks of yield are established before roots become active. Wuxal® Terios, a new nutritional seed treatment for cereals from Precision Laboratories, gets inside the seed to provide the nutritional support that wheat, barley, oats and rye need to get off to the right start.

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