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VIDEO: Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club Superintendent on Choosing the Right Soil Surfactant


Waukegan, Ill. (July 29, 2014)- Recognized as a Distinguished Emerald Club of the World, Orchid Island's award winning Arnold Palmer championship golf course has an exceptional layout all set to the beautiful backdrop of historic oak trees, superior grasses and lush landscaping. Superintendent Matthew Boyd describes how he manages the challenges of keeping a pristine golf course for its 350 members that play about 20,000 rounds a year.

Orchid Island sits just a few hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean, which Boyd says makes growing conditions a challenge. “We’re in a very difficult microclimate. We tend to have a lot of winds daily. Our weather patterns change consistently, and our water quality tends to be poor [with] high sodium.”

Boyd says one of the issues he deals with is localized dry spot on the greens. He manages this with Vivax™, an advanced technology soil surfactant introduced by Precision Laboratories in 2014. “I use Vivax to keep the greens dry and fast. It helps me reduce localized dry spot and it really performs better than any other wetting agent I have ever used.”

Vivax is a combination of new surfactant technologies designed to manage water across a wide range of soil and turf types, making it ideal for use on golf courses and sports turf.

Boyd applies another innovative soil surfactant recently introduced by Precision Laboratories, Alypso™. “I get very uniform, good coverage over the entire golf course. I have consistent color and moisture on low spots, knobs, hills, slopes and areas that tend to dry out more.”

Alypso also helps Boyd manage water resources, “It’s definitely saved water on the golf course. I’ve reduced water consumption by about 25 percent. Alypso has really helped us streamline our irrigation practices and it’s been very good in this environment.”

Alypso is a unique, naturally-derived surfactant that speeds up the infiltration of irrigation through thatch and into hard-to-wet soils often encountered on golf courses and athletic fields. Using Alypso helps turfgrass managers produce superior playing surfaces by moving water into the root zone and improving the uptake of soluble nutrients.

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