We continue to build on our six decades of performance with a strong vision for the future

Our Story

In 1962 Jim Wohlner, a college graduate with a degree in journalism, veteran of the United States Army and husband with two young children, set his sights on being a successful entrepreneur.

It’s a story that reflects the American dream. He came from humble beginnings, was filled with passion and big ideas, he took out a loan and started operating out of an 800 sq ft building. His boys grew up around the business and son Rick formally joined the company in 1986. Rick purchased the company from his father in 1995 and led the company with his leadership through tremendous growth until joining the global Lamberti Group in 2013.

Today, Precision Laboratories headquarters is a 270,000 sq ft production, packaging, and warehousing facility. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction continues to motivate us toward tomorrow’s Results. Expect It!

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For over 60 years our unique culture has created opportunities, raised families, promoted based on merit, and all along the way we’ve demonstrated respect for other people. We live our core values; we obsess about our customers, we work hard, we’re results oriented, we learn and improve, and we work together.


Company founded as a private-label distributor of maintenance chemicals


Acquisition of AmChem expands markets into agriculture, founded ag specialties business


Enters professional turf market


Develops first-ever liquid spray tank cleaner, Incide-Out™


Develops first homogeneous nonionic surfactant with ammonium sulfate, Deliver™


Develops Persist®, first paraffinic and methylated combination spray oil


Develops first-ever high load COC, Exchange™

Launches Transport™ water conditioner


Enters soil surfactant market


Patents and launches Border™, the first liquid activator adjuvant containing drift control, surfactant and ammonium sulfate.


Moves into Shields Drive facility, which enhanced blending and packaging capabilities

Releases two formulations of Protyx™, the first fungicide activator

Enters soybean inoculant market with Rhizobacter Argentina S.A.  with releases Launcher™ technology


Developes the first adjuvant developed for use with glyphosate tank-mix partners, Simplyx™

Launches Chem-Stik LPH™, spreader, sticker and buffer


Enters foliar fertilizer business through a license agreement with Aglukon Spezialdunger and launches Wuxal® foliar nutrition product


Creates the Mix Tank App, first-of-its-kind application to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products

App receives AgProfessional magazine's 2011 Readers Choice Top Product of the Year award


Releases new products: Trident, a bio inducer for soybeans; Border AQ, a surfactant and drift retardant concentrate; Volare DC, an aerial drift retardant and Wuxal liquids


Forms a joint venture with Lamberti SpA to increase vertical integration and increase access to adjuvant raw materials

Jim Reiss VP of Agricultural Chemistries is elected to CPDA board of directors


Releases new products: Erase™ spray system cleaner, Vertex™ NIS and Terios™ seed-applied nutrition for cereals

Invests in plot application equipment for Wuxal® foliar nutrition testing


Releases new products: Deriva™, Intact™ and Intact™ Xtra

Launches Signum™, the 1st all-in-one inoculant with osmoprotector technology


Releases Tolero™ for ag irrigation water management


Develops Domino™ for ag irrigation water management

Launches Taragon Elite for dicamba and Taragon Xtra for 2,4-D traited soybeans


Launches APE/NPE free product line up with Precisive™, Avor™ & Avor™ LT

Introduces Stretta™, the first plant-derived irrigation water optimizer with fertilizer compatibility

Launches Prism SCP2020 seed coating polymer


Launches HydraLink™ seed-applied water management product


Launches Intact™ Maxx & Taragon™ Maxx as two new DRA/VRA combination products for use on the dicamba trait acre


Launches SeedZone IF™, a novel nutrient management aid

Develops Ripara™ & Salia™ as part of our expanding APE/NPE portfolio


Consolidates operations in the Chicagoland area to a new 270,000 ft2 production, packaging, office and warehousing space headquartered in Kenosha, WI

Enters into a distribution agreement with Direct Enterprises to expand market access to proprietary seed-applied technologies

Adds three next generation products to our seed-applied technology product line - ZanoLink™CMC, Zanocella™, and HydraLink™CMC


Ag division refocuses on Tank Mix Adjuvants, Irrigation and Nutrient Management Aids, and Seed Applied Technologies

Turf Business and Aquatrols join to form The Aquatrols Company