Activator Adjuvants

Enhance the biological activity of crop protection product applications

Activator Adjuvant Technologies

These spray modifiers enhance the effectiveness of a pesticide application. Our innovative activator adjuvant technologies are designed to improve droplet retention, droplet coverage and product absorption for on- target results.

How Activator Adjuvants Work

Activator adjuvants are a large group of products that include surfactants, spreader stickers, crop oil concentrates, and modified seed oils. Products in this category are typically selected based on pesticide formulation type and desired performance objectives.

Water beads on the plant surface with a limited surface area. Agricultural activator adjuvants are formulated to increase the area of coverage and optimize pesticide performance. Surfactants work to reduce surface tension and increase wetting, stickers help adhere the pesticide droplet to the target, while oils break down waxy cuticles and increase droplet penetration.

Soybean plant illustration detailing how activator adjuvants work

Nonionic Surfactants

Reduce surface tension and increase wetting

Crop Oil Concentrates (COC)

An emulsifiable paraffinic oil-based adjuvant containing 80-83% oil and 17-20% surfactant

High Surfactant Crop Oil Concentrates (COC)

A premium COC formulated as 60% paraffin oil to 40% surfactant / humectant

Spreaders, Stickers, and Adsorption Aids

Enhance droplet adhesion, improve coverage and maximize adsorption

Methylated Seed Oil (MSO)

An oil-based adjuvant formulated as 85-15% or 90-10% methyl esters (seed oil) to emulsifier / surfactant

High Surfactant Methylated Seed Oil (HSMSO)

A premium MSO formulated as 60% methyl esters (seed oil) to 40% surfactant / humectant

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Activator Adjuvant Product Families

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How to Improve Performance On The Target with Activator Adjuvants

  • Droplet Retention

    reduce kinetic energy of spray droplets to minimize droplet bounce and maximize retention

  • Droplet Coverage

    spread the product over the leaf surface for superior coverage

  • Product Absorption

    promote product movement into the target plant for increased absorption


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