Deposition Aid and Activator

Sorbyx is a unique soil adsorption and activation aid designed to reduce leaching and critical concentration loss of certain residual herbicides from the germination zone.

Sorbyx has been shown to improve the biological activity of residual herbicides under a wide range of soil types and moisture conditions resulting in faster activation and longer-lasting residual performance.


  • Reduces leaching and keeps more herbicide in the weed germination zone longer
  • Improves activation and performance under low rainfall conditions
  • Increases longevity and control in moderate to heavy rainfall conditions

Use Rates

  • Course: Sand, Loamy Sand and Sandy Loam [12 - 16 oz]
  • Medium: Loam, Silt Loam, Sandy Clay Loam and Silt [6-10 oz]
  • Fine: Sandy Clay, Silty Clay Loam, Silty Clay, Clay Loam and Clay [4-8 oz]


  • 2.5 gallons
  • 275 gallons

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