Seed Applied Technology

Obtain maximum performance in seed technology

Seed Applied Technology

Our seed enhancement portfolio is designed to maximize performance from the genetics and traits built into today’s seed technology.  

Seed Applied Technologies and How They Work

Seed applied technologies refer to a range of products aimed at enhancing the performance of seeds and are applied directly onto the seed before planting.  Nutrient delivery and optimization of the moisture environment around the seed are the focal points of our seed enhancement product offering. Chemistries that ensure improved seed handling and differentiation round out this product category.

Seed applied technology

Seed Applied Nutrition

Addition of supplemental nutrition promotes early season plant growth and development

Seed Colorants

Improved seed appearance and differentiation

Seed Coating Polymer
For enhanced seed flow and dust-off

Seed Applied Water Management

Optimal moisture environment improves germination, emergence, and performance of seed-applied nutrients and other crop inputs

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Seed Applied Technology Product Families







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