Seed Applied Nutrition

Delivers supplemental nutrition to promote early plant growth and development


How Seed Applied Nutrition Products Work

The most efficient means of meeting early season micronutrient requirements for germination, emergence and stand establishment phases of crop development is seed-applied nutrition. Seeds naturally have nutrient reserves, yet this often is not at optimal levels and could limit germination and seedling development. The early demand for enhanced nutrition may become critical under dry, wet or cold soil conditions. Supplemental seed-applied nutrition ensures that optimal levels of micronutrients are available to meet early season needs prior to effective root uptake.

Seed-applied nutrients are absorbed through the seed coat as soon the seed starts imbibing water, providing the seed with additional nutrition for germination. Unabsorbed nutrients diffuse into the surrounding soil where they are absorbed by the first roots. The seed-applied nutrients are readily available to the germinating seed and early roots regardless of environmental conditions, providing for more vigorous early growth and stand establishment.

Leading Seed-Applied Nutrition Products

Seed-applied nutrition products supplement seed nutrient reserves and enhance early plant development, setting the stage for stress management and greater yield.


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  • Key FeaturesSeed-Applied Nutrition
  • Best ForSeed treatment with balance of macro- and micronutrients optimal for cereals
  • CropOats, rye, summer barley, wheat, and winter barley
  • Key FeaturesSeed-Applied Nutrition
  • Best ForBalanced micronutrient seed treatment with focus on fully-chelated manganese (Mn)
  • CropSoybeans
  • Key FeaturesSeed-Applied Nutrition
  • Best ForSeed treatment with focus on zinc (Zn)
  • CropCorn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice, and wheat
  • Key FeaturesSeed-Applied Nutrition
  • Best ForImproved handling nanoparticle seed treatment with zinc (Zn) providing enhanced uptake at a reduced use rate
  • CropCorn, grain sorghum, rice, and wheat
  • Key FeaturesSeed-Applied Nutrition and Water Management
  • Best ForCombined seed treatment with zinc (Zn) and moisture absorption polymer, providing the optimal moisture environment for improved nutrient uptake
  • CropCorn, grain sorghum, rice, and wheat

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