Utility Modifiers

Protect or modify the spray solution to enhance the performance of the tank mix

Utility Modifier Adjuvant Technologies

Optimizing the performance of spray application begins with a clean tank, followed by water conditioning. Our utility modifiers play a critical role in the effectiveness and efficiency of pesticide spray applications.

How Utility Modifier Adjuvants Work

Utility modifier adjuvants contribute to the reliability and effectiveness of agricultural spray solutions. Most importantly, following correct mixing order sequence ensures a stable tank mix, improves pesticide effectiveness, increases productivity, and reduces risk.

Utility Modified Adjuvants Tank

Water Conditioners

Modify ion impact and ensure performance of the spray solution

Antifoamers and Defoamers

Prevent the formation of foam and break down existing foam

Sprayer Maintenance
Clean the spray system to avoid cross-contamination

Marking Foams and Dyes

Enhance visibility and spray application accuracy

Compatibility Agents

Improve mix stability, enhance sprayer hygiene, and reduce cross-contamination

Spray System Cleaners

Detergents, emulsifiers and alkalinity builders to break down both dried on and oily residues, and elevate rinsate pH

Group 68

Utility Modifier Product Families



Gundown Elite™


Utility Modifier Resources

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Mixing Sequence

Tips for maximizing crop protection performance

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Water Quality Testing

Tips for maximizing crop protection performance

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Spray Solution pH

Tips for maximizing crop protection performance

Mix Tank
Group 68

Prevention is the Key to Effective Results

To prevent compatibility problems, use these best practices for tank mixing:

  1. Begin the mixing sequence after an adequate amount of liquid is in the mixing vessel or spray tank. Usually that is at least 50% of the final anticipated spray volume.
  2. Avoid premixing concentrated products in an inductor prior to adding them to the carrier.
  3. Add products to the spray solution in the proper sequence. Follow guidelines on pesticide labels.
  4. Use a CONVERT compatibility agent to prevent compatibility issues.

How to Improve Performance in the Tank with Utility Modifier Adjuvants

  • Clean the Entire Spray System

    residual active ingredients from previous spray mixes may cause crop injury with subsequent loads

  • Consider Water Quality

    water conditioning agents may be needed to ensure performance of the spray solution

  • Mix in the Proper Order

    adding products in the incorrect sequence may cause compatibility issues.

  • Follow Label Recommendations


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