Drift Reduction Agents

Change spray droplet behavior from atomization through deposit formation

Spray Drift Management Technology

Our drift control agents are designed to maximize both efficacy and efficiency of pesticide applications. Whether by ground, aerial or drone/UAV application, our spray modifier adjuvants are formulated to improve pesticide placement during any stage of crop cultivation and plant growth.

Drift Control Agents and How They Work

Drift reduction adjuvants are a valuable tool to reduce the risk of off-target pesticide movement and improve the performance and efficiency of crop protection applications. The reduction in off-target movement may result in increased levels of biological activity due to more droplets reaching the intended target, thereby increasing coverage.


Deposition Aid

Material that improves the ability of agrichemical sprays to deposit on targeted surfaces

Canopy Penetration Agent

An adjuvant that increases the penetration of a spray material into the crop canopy

Drift Reduction Agent (DRA)
Material used in tank mixtures
to reduce spray and driftable fines

Retention Agent

Material used to optimize retention of spray solutions on target leaf surfaces

Group 68

Drift Control Product Families






How to Improve Performance Through the Air with Spray Modifiers

  • Watch the weather

    wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity

  • Select the correct nozzle

    to ensure the right droplet size

  • Spray at the correct pressure

  • Use drift reduction adjuvants


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