Growing Media

Improves moisture and nutrient retention

About Growing Media

About Growing Media

Growing media is a soil composition that helps to create the ideal root zone for bedding plants including vegetable crops, trees, and shrubs. It is often referred to as potting soil, and is a mixture composed of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, wood fiber and fertilizers.

Peat is usually the main raw material ingredient in growing media as it stimulates both plant growth and root development by improving porosity and soil structure. Peat is a naturally hydrophobic material causing difficulty in initial hydration and subsequent rehydration of the product.

How do wetting agents Work?

Wetting agents are materials used to lower the surface tension of irrigation water in contact with the potting soil. This allows the water solution to spread and enables a maximization of water intake into the soil in a shorter time. This process works for both initial irrigation and reapplication after the potting soil has become dry and hydrophobic. The commercial benefit provided to the grower is an even growth of their plants, which have larger roots, and finish with maximum plant weight at harvest and sale.

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Watering Made Simple

FIBA-ZORB® PLUS is a horticultural substrate surfactant helps prevent and overcome the challenges associated with hydrophobicity to create optimal growing conditions. Fiba-Zorb is a wetting agent, added during the blending stage of production to ensure rapid hydration to optimize water uptake by the plant. This product is proven to optimize soil hydration and provide increased longevity of peat in the bale and baskets. Additionally, our products are made with top quality materials that provide improved water conservation and soil hydration. These products have provided crop health and performance resulting in the trust of our farm customers across Europe and North America for over two decades.

  • Longevity

    in the bale and basket

  • Faster Initial Wetting

    and subsequent rewetting

  • Excellent Crop Safety

    that's RHP-certified and trusted by European growers

  • Consistent Performance

    across environmental conditions

  • Top-Quality

    materials and control checks


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