Fiba-Zorb® Plus

Horticultural Substrate Surfactant

FIBA-ZORB® PLUS is an advanced horticultural substrate surfactant that optimizes hydration within growing media and maintains the proper air-to-water balance necessary for ideal plant growth. FIBA-ZORB PLUS is a liquid amendment that can be incorporated by ornamental growers to prevent or overcome the challenges associated with hydrophobicity. Its unique blend of active ingredients ensures quick, uniform wettability of plant growth media while minimizing the negative effects associated with over-saturation. FIBA-ZORB PLUS is also available in a granular formulation.


  • Longevity-in the bale & in the basket
  • Faster initial wetting & subsequent rewetting
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Trusted by European growers
  • Consistent performance across environmental conditions
  • RHP certified

Use Rates

  • Apply FIBA-ZORB PLUS at a rate of 250 ml per cubic meter (6.5 ounces per cubic yard) of substrate to ensure desirable wetting of substrate.


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons (2x9.46L) per case
  • 55 gallon (205 L) drums
  • 275 gallon (1000 L) minibulk

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