Nutrient Management Aids

Improves nutrient availability to maximize growth and yield potential.

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SeedZone IF™ is a sustainably sourced nutrient management tool that improves nutrient availability to grow healthier plants with more roots, stronger stalks, and increased yield potential.

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Weather and soil can be unpredictable forces and crops thrive in a uniform moisture environment.

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Making the Most Out of Rain Events

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Working in Different Soil Types

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Vegetative Growth Between Rain Events


PROVE Trials had
increased yield results
with SeedZone IF™

How Seedzone IF Aids Nutrient Management

The SeedZone IF mode of action works to increase moisture absorption and improve soil structure where applied, maximizing nutrient availability and uptake.  It is based on the same carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) technology found in the IWO product Stretta. 

When applied to the soil either through furrow application with starter fertilizer or with UAN post-plant through sidedress or Y-Drop application, it interacts with the soil, air, water interface to form a matrix, where it binds and absorbs loose soil particles in the soil solution, as well as nutrients and other soil-applied inputs. This results in increased moisture retention and nutrient absorption, reduced leaching and N, P, and K immobilization in soil and increased nutrient availability to the plant root.

Seedzone IF application creates conditions for improved nutrient utilization, better early season crop development and yield potential.


Natural soil profile and soil particles


SeedZone IF infiltrates through the soil profile and forms a moisture absorbent matrix around the soil particles


The hydrophilic nature of SeedZone IF results in moisture absorption and increased retention in the application zone

Nutrient Management Aid


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