What We Stand For

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Our Culture

A company’s culture is its personality, and Precision Laboratories has a clear and strong sense of itself and its people.

Our company culture is summarized in our core values. They reflect what we stand for and the type of people that we seek in order to stay true to our history and to achieve our future vision.

  • We Work Hard

    We’re not afraid to say it or to ask for it – at Precision Laboratories we work hard to get the job done, to produce the best performing adjuvant products and to solve customer problems.  Our strong work ethic makes us a great company.

  • We obsess about our customers

    Each and every day we put our full energy into listening to customers, creating great products that meet their needs and delivering superior service. Everything we do is about the customer, we obsess about their satisfaction.

  • Results. Expect It.

    Our company tagline is not just for show. We are a results-driven organization. Those results come from shared expectations because our people know they can count on one another to get the job done.

  • We Work Together

    Teamwork is a critical aspect of performance and job satisfaction. We’re constantly engaged in collaborative work through the Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS® to produce great customer and employment experiences.

  • We learn and improve

    A key part of our culture is based on humility. Being integrated into a company culture comprised of people that desire to improve is an exciting dynamic. We facilitate people development and create a unique employment experience.