Nonionic Surfactant, Drift Control Agent and Deposition Aid

PRECISIVE™ is a new, high-load nonionic surfactant with built-in deposition aids and drift reduction technology.

The unique APE/NPE-free formula provides a high level of crop safety, making it ideal for fungicide applications in corn.

PRECISIVE reduces the risk of off-target movement and delivers more spray solution on-target for improved canopy penetration and leaf surface coverage.


  • Unique APE/NPE-free formulation for improved crop safety
  • Built-in drift reduction technology reduces the risk of off-target movement
  • Creates more “right-sized” spray droplets to increase canopy penetration and dwell time
  • True 90% surfactant load, which is practically unparalleled in the market today
  • CPDA approved
  • Labeled for aquatic use

Use Rates

  • 0.125-0.5% v/v (1–4 pints pint per 100 gallons of spray solution).


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons per case
  • 275 gallon minibulk

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