Research Chemist III


Kenosha, WI

Position Description

Lamberti USA, Inc. produces specialty chemicals for a broad range of industrial applications. Its chemicals are designed to improve the manufacturing process and to add high-value features in terms of resistance, performance, safety, color and much more to many products used in your work and everyday life.

The Formulations Chemist III is the lead position for developing new product formulations and improving existing formulations and processes at Lamberti, USA affiliate Precision Laboratories LLC. The focus at Precision Laboratories is specialized chemistry that enhances the performance of plants, seeds, soil, water and growing media. Product applications are in commercial agriculture, turf grass management and growing media harvesting and processing.

Area of Responsibility

This position is responsible for developing new products from the early concept phase to commercialization as well as enhancing or improving existing formulations and production processes, as needed, across our entire product portfolio.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

Product formulation development projects

  • Plan and control/carry out laboratory work to develop, understand and test new and improved formulations to meet targeted completion dates.
  • Take an active part in scale-up and plant introduction of newly developed product.
  • Interface with Commercial Teams to understand formulation requirements of pipeline products and projects.
  • Plan and conduct laboratory support work to assist in the solution of manufacturing. process problems and opportunities so that results can be implemented.
  • Provide technical assistance to customers in cases involving product use.
  • Maintain an awareness of the literature and other sources of information to remain current with developments in the area of functional products of interest to Lamberti USA, Inc. and affiliated companies.
  • Maintain other records as necessary to support patent applications for innovative products.
  • Benchmark competitors as a motivator to strive for innovative solutions for competitive advantage.
  • Prepare reports, write technical papers and give technical presentations as appropriate to develop reputation and market presence.
  • Actively contribute to projects and promote innovative ideas that lead to new projects
  • Participate in company EHS programs.
  • Observe all pertinent lab/site safety regulations at all times.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Detailed documentation of experiments, formulations, methods and processes used in formulation development, improvement or for ensuring consistency and repeatability of laboratory experiments and analysis.
  • Notebooks, technical reports, summaries and protocols.
  • Communication of critical information to leadership and fellow researchers.
  • Collaboration with internal and targeted third-party suppliers and cooperators.


  • The employee will be open to taking on more responsibilities with respect to assisting marketing/sales, client visits and training the sales force as the need arises.

Required Skills

  • MS in Chemistry or Material Science preferred.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to think critically and exercise judgement.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Proficient in analytical instruments and electronic devices.

Reports To

Research & Development Manager, Lamberti USA

Additional Guidance and Collaboration from

  • Vice President, Product Development and Technical Services, Precision Laboratories LLC
  • Manager, Business Development and Marketing, Precision Laboratories LLC

Career Path

The Senior Manager, Laboratory and Formulation Innovation is a professional career position that may lead to other assignments within the company in the areas of product management, sales and marketing management, finance and operations or a company leadership position.

Physical Demands & Work Environment

  • Work is primarily performed in an indoor laboratory or office setting with extended periods at a computer or laboratory bench, sitting or standing.
  • Physical effort is needed to move, lift, or carry laboratory equipment or supplies.
  • Occasionally lift 10 – 50 lbs.
  • Use of computer keyboard, mouse, calculator, and other office and laboratory equipment.