High Surfactant MSO Concentrate

Kixyt is a low use rate, high surfactant load, methylated seed oil concentrate that enhances crop protection performance when compared to ordinary methylated seed oils or crop oil concentrates. Kixyt combines the cuticle penetration properties of a premium quality methylated canola oil with a proprietary surfactant system to deliver higher levels of biological performance at lower use rates than traditional oil-based adjuvants. Kixyt can be used at 1/2 the rate of crop oil concentrates.


  • Contains additional surfactant for use with unloaded glyphosate products
  • Protects yield potential with better performance than ordinary MSOs or COCs
  • Use on a wider range of weed species, especially tough broadleaves like giant ragweed, velvetleaf, kochia and morningglories
  • Less crop stress
  • Higher performance means fewer adjuvants to inventory and manage

Use Rates

  • 0.5% v/v or a minimum of 10-12 oz/acre


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons per case
  • 275 MiniBulk Container

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