Taragon™ Maxx

Volatility Reducing & Water Conditioning Agents, Nonionic Surfactant, Drift Reduction and Antifoaming Agent

TARAGON™ MAXX is a unique multi-functional adjuvant premix specifically designed and approved for use with dicamba-containing tank mixes. TARAGON MAXX is recognized as a qualified and approved DRA for dicamba-based herbicide tank mixes. Always check manufacturer labels and websites for confirmation.


  • Enhanced all-in-one premix that includes a new volatility reduction aid based on VOLIMINATE™
  • Approved for use with new dicamba formulations by Bayer, BASF and Syngenta
  • Based on the same, shear-resistant polyacrylamide drift reduction agent used in TARAGON™ ELITE
  • Also includes a non-AMS based water conditioner safe for use with dicamba
  • Can also be used with any dicamba containing formulation including popular premixes labeled for corn

Use Rates

  • 26 fluid ounces per acre


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons per case
  • 275 gallon minibulk

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