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Precision Laboratories - Persist Advanced Siloxane Maximized MSO

Siloxane Maximized MSO

PERSIST® ADVANCED is a low-use- rate, methylated seed oil and silicone surfactant blend that provides maximum leaf surface coverage and penetration compared to ordinary silicone surfactant blends. The high quality MSO penetrates the waxy cuticles on the leaves of weeds, while the silicone surfactant ensures coverage of the leaf surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved performance from advanced surfactant system
  • Low use rates for easy handling
  • Highly compatible for fewer tank mixing issues
  • Superior leaf and cuticle coverage
  • NPE/APE free

Use Rates

Ground: 0.125% v/v (1 pint per 100 gal. of spray solution) or 2–3 fl. oz. per acre

Aerial: 2–3 fl. oz. per acre or up to 0.75% v/v (3 quarts per 100 gal.) in 1–5 gal. of water per acre


2 x 2.5 gallons per case

275 gal minibulk container

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