Prism SCP2020

Precision Laboratories - Prism - SCP 2020 Seed Coating Polymer

Seed Coating Polymer

Prism SCP2020 is a seed coating polymer designed for maximum reduction of dust-off and rub-off of active, improved seed flow and plantability. The product can be applied with all seed treatment pesticides or other seed-applied products through commercial seed-treating equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized Coverage for improved seed to seed uniformity and treatment delivery
  • Minimum Dust-off for enhanced operator and environmental safety along with treatment efficacy
  • Maximized Retention to ensure active ingredient is delivered to the field for treatment performance
  • Improved Seed Flow for reduction of treater bridging and flow for application and planting ease
  • Enhanced Plantability for accurate planting for improved stand and yield

Use Rates

Field or seed corn - Use 0.5–1.5 mg /kernel or1.2–3.5 fl oz per 80,000 kernel bag (assumes of 1,600 seeds/lb). Specific rate dependent on rate of pesticide applied.

Soybean - 0.5-1.0 fl oz per 100 lb of seed

Cereals - 1.0-3.0 fl oz per 100 lb of seed

Use on all other seed types at a rate of 1-6fl oz/cwt. Specific rate will vary based on seed type and other products applied


2 x 2.5 gallons per case

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