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Drift Control & Foliar Retention Agent
And Deposition Aid

INTACT is a stand-alone drift reduction and deposition aid technology. INTACT can be used alone or in combination with water conditioning agents and other adjuvants to maximize on-target performance.


Features &  Benefits

  • Advanced spray droplet management technology
  • Maximizes large-droplet retention, coverage and drift control for better herbicide uptake
  • Complements a wide range of nozzles to maximize drift control



When tank mixing INTACT with XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology, ensure moderate agitation and a minimum of 20% of the desired finished spray volume carrier in the mixing vessel prior to adding other products. Add crop protection products individually in the following recommended order.

Be sure to add INTACT before XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology.

Always refer to the current list of approved adjuvants and tank mix partners at Take special care to avoid using pH acidifiers, and ammonium-containing products such as nitrogen fertilizers and ammonium sulfate.


1. Anti-foams and defoamers (from the XtendiMax® Approved List only)

2. Dry Products WP (wettable powders)WSP (water soluble packets) DF (dry flowables) WDG (water dispersible granules) SP (soluble powders) Dry soluble fertilizers / micronutrients (from the XtendiMax® Approved List only)

3. Liquids Suspension fertilizers/micronutrients (from the XtendiMax® Approved List only) SE (suspo-emulsions) F/FL (flowables) SC (suspension concentrates) ADD INTACT (liquid drift retardants) ME (micro-encapsulated) EC (emulsifiable concentrates) ADD XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology SL (solutions and soluble liquids)

4. Other liquid Fertilizers, micronutrients or growth hormones (from the XtendiMax® Approved List only)

5. Other Adjuvants (from the XtendiMax® Approved List only) MSO & Crop Oil Concentrates (methylated seed oil) HSOC & HS-MSO (high surfactant oil concentrates and high surfactant modified seed oils) WCA (water conditioning agents) NIS (non-ionic surfactants and stickers)


Use Rates

0.5% v/v (4 pints) of INTACT per 100 gallons of spray solution


2.5 gallon
Product No. 374-25]

275 gallon minibulk
[Product No. 374-MB]

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