April 20, 2024

The Mix Tank App Expands Functionality To Streamline Spraying Practices

The Mix Tank App refresh personalizes the tank mixing experience with more customized control at your fingertips

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Precision Laboratories announces the Mix Tank App upgrade with functionality enhancements to streamline agricultural spraying practices.  The Mix Tank App is designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products.  The app’s product refresh and simplified ‘build your mix’ process improves the end-user experience to better match on-farm spray applications. 

“Tank mix applications are now more complex than ever, which makes following the proper mixing sequence that much more important.  Preventing product incompatibilities by following proper mixing order, and by also using a compatibility aid, can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss, crop injury and sprayer cleanout problems,” says Matt Faletti, Product Portfolio and Marketing Manager. “We are excited with the app improvements that are making it easier to customize mixes with an ever-evolving market.”

The expanded database includes multiple crop protection products from the following categories: Herbicides (includes PGRs and Defoliants), Fungicides (includes Bactericides), Insecticides (includes Miticides and IGRs), Adjuvants and Foliar Nutrition.

The mix sheets capture the information necessary for spraying, including product use rates and application details, then conveniently maintains accurate spray logs for easy record keeping. The available weather integration feature within the spray log helps applicators manage spray drift risk by displaying weather information, including wind speed and direction, prior to spraying. It also stores conditions at the time of application within the spray log, assisting with documentation and compliance.

Learn more at: https://www.precisionlab.com/row-crops/mix-tank-app

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