Seed-Applied Water Management

HydraLink™ is a new, innovative seed-applied water management product formulated to provide an optimal moisture environment around the seed for improved germination and emergence, stand establishment and yield. With an improved moisture environment, HydraLink also enhances the performance of other seed-applied inputs. It is particularly bene cial when used in combination with seed-applied nutrition products such as Wuxal® Terios Zn+, Wuxal Terios Mn+ and Wuxal Terios CoMo, where it provides for improved nutrient uptake and use.


  • Low use rate liquid formulation that provides an optimal moisture environment around the seed
  • Easy to handle, low viscosity formulation with good temperature stability
  • Excellent slurry compatibility with most seed treatment pesticides and other seed-applied products
  • Ideal complement to seed-applied nutrition products on corn and soybeans, as well as rhizobia inoculant on soybeans

Use Rates

  • Corn – 1.0-2.0 . oz. per 100 pounds of seed (0.5-1.0 . oz. per unit)
  • Soybean – 1.0-1.5 . oz. per 100 pounds of seed (0.5-1.0 . oz. per unit)


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons per case

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